Jochim Detloff GOTTSCHALCK, 1702-1702
Friederike's fifth great-uncle

 Father Hans GOTTSCHALCK, ca 1644-1713
 Mother Catharina "Trina" ELERT Gottschalck, 1665-
       Sister Ann Dorothea GOTTSCHALCK Krey, 1687-
       Sister Maria GOTTSCHALCK Pingel, 1690-1728
       Brother Christian GOTTSCHALCK, 1692-
       Sister Catharina Elisabet GOTTSCHALCK Duncker, 1696-
       Brother Hans GOTTSCHALCK, 1698-
       Jochim Detloff GOTTSCHALCK, 1702-1702

Time Line

13 July 1702 - Born at Kossebade, Kreis Parchim, Mecklenburg-Schwerin and baptized there. Godparents were Hans GOTTSCHALCK (the father), Catharina "Trina" ELERT Gottschalck (the mother) and the midwife. Due to the baby's weakness, this was an emergency baptism at the home.

About 16 July 1702 - Died there. He died 'soon after his baptism'.

18 July 1702 - Buried there