Kreis Parchim, Mecklenburg-Schwerin

Map of Kossebade
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Map dates from 1882, updated 1919. It covers an area of approximately 1.3 by 0.8 km (0.8 by 0.5 US miles).

Map image was adapted from 1:25K Prussian Landsaufnahme, sheet 2437

Related Families in Kossebade

The following table shows which of the individuals included in this web site are connected to Kossebade and over what time span they are found here.

SurnameGiven names and the range of dates the person was found in Kossebade
 Augustin  Dorothea 1715
 Dieterich  Catharina 1659..1707
 Dun(c)ker  Christian 1683..1704; Dorothea 1654..1704
 E(h)lert  Catharina 1665..1704; Christian 1704..1714; Dorothea 1661; Hans 1659; Hans 1659..1680; Maria 1704
 Gottschal(c)k  Ann Dorothea 1687..1704; Catharina Elisabet 1696; Christian 1692; Hans 1698; Hans 1687..1713; Jochim Detloff 1702; Maria 1690
 Schack  Anna 1686
 Wahrman  Hans 1646..1711