Hans NIEBUHR, 1609-1676
Friederike's seventh great-grandmother's second husband

 Wife Anna GäVERSHAGEN Harbrecht Niebuhr, 1596-1693
      The couple had no children

Time Line

1609 - Born at Uelzen, Kreis Uelzen, Niedersachsen. He was the son of Casper Niebuhr, shepherd, and Anna Rogman who was from Domsühl.

About 1638, age 28 - Married Anna GäVERSHAGEN, age 42. The couple had no children.

1656, age 46 - Recorded in the property tax list census at Damerow, Kreis Parchim, Mecklenburg-Schwerin. He and his wife were living with his wife's son Jochim Harbrecht's family. The family had three horses, fourteen head of cattle, one young pig, two slaughtered pigs, and six sheep.

About 1668, age 58 - Stepson's wife Maria HEYN Harbrecht died there

1 October 1673, age 64 - Stepson Jochim HARBRECHT, age 41, married Anna LEMBKE, age 24

6 February 1676, age 66 - Died at Damerow