Maria HEYN Harbrecht, -ca 1668
Wife of a Hau▀mann & Jurate (farmer & church councilman) in Damerow
Friederike's sixth great-grandmother

 Father Peter HEYN, -ca 1636
 Mother Anna ZACHOW Heyn
       Brother Claus HEYN, 1622-1702
       Maria HEYN Harbrecht, -ca 1668

 Husband Jochim HARBRECHT, 1632-1692
      The couple had seven children, including:
       Son Daniel HARBRECHT, ca 1657-1741
       Son Jochim HARBRECHT
       Daughter Maria HARBRECHT
       Son Hans HARBRECHT

Time Line

Born at Damerow, Kreis Parchim, Mecklenburg-Schwerin

About 1636 - Father Peter HEYN died there

1656 - Recorded in the property tax list census there. The family had three horses, fourteen head of cattle, one young pig, two slaughtered pigs, and six sheep.

About 1657 - Son Daniel HARBRECHT born there

About 1668 - Died there