Copies and Copyright

Viewers of this information are welcome to use it for their personal enjoyment and share it with their immediate family. I welcome the opportunity to share information with relatives and researchers.

However, the genealogical contents of this web site are copyrighted 1998 - 2017 by Mitch Blank and should not be passed in any form to third parties without written permission. This is done for some very practical reasons:

  1. The underlying database from which this information is extracted is updated constantly, and the web extraction lags well behind the 'real' information. By relying on facts extracted from this web version, you will not be getting the most correct, complete, and up-to-date information.
  2. Similarly, only a portion of the information known about any individual is included in this web synopsis. More complete information is available than what is presented here.
  3. If I am aware of who is interested certain areas, I can keep them informed directly as relevant new information is uncovered.
  4. When information is passed around, eventually outdated versions of the data will end up in other collections. This can be a source of confusion when the information comes 'full circle'.


All non-public-domain photos appearing here are with the permission of the copyright owner. Photo credits are given on the page containing the larger version of each photo, which can be reached by clicking on the thumbnail version.

As far as I know, none of the pictures here that are lacking such a photo credit have any copyright restrictions.

Note that the copies of the images used here have been shrunk in size and resolution to create smaller files that can be displayed at usable speeds over the web. Although viewers are welcome to make copies of from this web site of my own photos, and reuse them with credit given, much better quality copies are available from .


All of the maps here are in the public domain and/or are old enough for any copyright to have expired.