William GLENZER, 1863-1889
Arthur's brother-in-law

 Father Justus GLENZER, 1830-1901
 Mother Elise JUNKER Glenzer, -1873
       William GLENZER, 1863-1889
       Sister Barbara GLENZER Stecker, 1866-

 Wife Ida Caroline NEUMAN Glenzer Molle, 1868-1946

Time Line

23 February 1863 - Born at Herman Twp, Sheboygan County, Wisconsin

May 1866, age 3 - Sister Barbara GLENZER Stecker born in Wisconsin

1873, age 9 - Mother Elise JUNKER Glenzer died at Sheboygan County, Wisconsin

1884, age 20 - Sister Barbara GLENZER, age 17, married Friedrick "Fred" STECKER, age 25

1889, age 25 - Resided at Green Grove, Clark County, Wisconsin

1 May 1889, age 26 - Married Ida Caroline NEUMAN, age 21, at Justice of the Peace Henry Wegens there. Attendants were Hermann Friedrich Wilhelm "Willie" NEUMAN and Minnie Glenzer
William Glenzer Grave Marker

6 October 1889, age 26 - Died at his home there of typhoid fever. He and his wife both came down with typhoid fever when assisting a neighbor family who had the desease.

Buried at St Paul Lutheran Church Cemetery, Cty Hwy E, Colby Twp, Clark County, Wisconsin