Christian SCHULZ
Tagelöhner (day laborer) in Groß Daberkow
Arthur's great-aunt's husband

 Father Peter SCHULZ
 Mother Catharine Sophia SCHMIDT Schulz
       Christian SCHULZ

 Wife Maria NEUMANN Schulz

Time Line

As of sometime before 1812 - Resided at Groß Daberkow, Kreis Stargard, Mecklenburg-Strelitz

24 October 1812 - Married Maria NEUMANN there

22 August 1842 - Mother-in-law Anna Maria "Maria" KASACK Neumann, age 77, died there of Altersschwäche & Gicht (debility of old age & gout, podagra, or rheumatism)

Sometime after 1842 - Father-in-law Johann Christian NEUMANN died