Carl Johann Theodor "Theodor" THIESS, 1858-
Friederike's second cousin once removed

 Father Friedrich August Joachim THIES, 1818-1881
 Mother Carolina Wilhelmina Johanna BAUSTIAN Thies, 1820-1905
       Sister Maria Dorothea Carolina THIES, 1842-1850
       Brother Heinrich Joachim Johann THIES, 1844-1906
       Sister Dorothea Louise Hanna THIES, 1846-
       Sister Johanna Wilhelmine Caroline THIES, 1849-1850
       Sister Friederike Johanna Maria THIESS, 1851-
       Brother Friederich THIES, 1854-1854
       Brother Diedrich Friedrich Theodor THIESS, 1855-
       Carl Johann Theodor "Theodor" THIESS, 1858-

Time Line

27 December 1858 - Born at Schlieven, Kreis Parchim, Mecklenburg-Schwerin at 4:00 AM

2 January 1859 - Baptized. Godparents were Dorothea Krager, maid from Schlieven, Johann Friedrich Christian BAUSTIAN, servant boy from Schlieven (the mother's nephew) and Carl Kasten, farm hand from Schlieven

21 June 1863, age 4 - Grandmother Johanna Margreatha Jacobina KLOKOW Baustian, age 76, died at Schlieven of Altersschwäche (debility of old age)

As of sometime before December 1867 - Resided at Eichholz Strasse 67, Crivitz, Kreis Schwerin, Mecklenburg-Schwerin

3 December 1867, age 8 - Recorded in the Mecklenburg-Schwerin census there

30 March 1881, age 22 - Father Friedrich August Joachim THIES, age 62, died there