Friderich Ludwig Carl BORCHERT, 1817-
Friederike's first cousin twice removed

 Father Hartwig George BORCHERT, 1780-
 Mother Elisabeth Dorothea "Dorothea" THIESS Borchert, 1778-
       Sister Margareta Dorothea BORCHERT, 1801-
       Sister Margareta Sophia Lucia BORCHERT, 1803-
       Sister Johanna Elisabet Friderica BORCHERT, 1805-
       Brother Johann Hartwig Joachim BORCHERT, 1807-
       Brother Hans Carl "Carl" BORCHERT, 1809-1875
       Sister Elisabeth Maria Johanna BORCHERT Mulsow, 1811-1837
       Brother Friederich Ludwig Johann BORCHERT, 1813-
       Sister Friderice Helene Caroline BORCHERT, 1815-1884
       Friderich Ludwig Carl BORCHERT, 1817-

Time Line

24 May 1817 - Born at Schlieven, Kreis Parchim, Mecklenburg-Schwerin
Schlieven Church

26 May 1817 - Baptized there. Godparents were Ludwig Borchert, Tagelöhner from Frauenmark, Carl Friedrich "Fritz" WARNKE, Tagelöhner (the father's brother-in-law) and Carolina Elisabet "Lisy" BORCHERT Warnke (the father's sister)

30 August 1819, age 2 - Recorded in the Mecklenburg-Schwerin census there