Fritz Joachim Johann Mueller
  Fritz Joachim Johann "Fred" MUELLER, 1892-1968
Friederike's half-brother

 Father Frederick Joachim Christian "Fred" MILLER, 1864-1929
 Mother Friederike Charlotte Johanna "Rica" THIESS Augustin Miller, 1852-1927
       Sister Bertha Maria Carolina MILLER Jens, 1891-1975
       Fritz Joachim Johann "Fred" MUELLER, 1892-1968

 Wife Nora B HARDING Mueller, 1899-1952

Time Line

17 December 1892 - Born at Curtis, Clark County, Wisconsin

19 February 1893 - Baptized at St Pauls Lutheran Church, Colby Twp, Clark County, Wisconsin. Godparents were Johann Friedrich Christian "John" AUGUSTIN (the mother's brother-in-law), Joachim Mueller and Maria Ebert

Resided at West side of CTH E, Green Grove Twp, Clark County, Wisconsin
The Augustine-Miller Farm Fred and Bertha Miller Fred Miller Jr Fritz Joachim Johann Mueller Miller - Augustin Family
Fritz Joachim Johann Mueller

11 August 1900, age 7 - Half-sister Friederike Johanne Sophia Christine "Ricka" AUGUSTIN, age 23, married Arthur Gilman "Art" NEUMAN, age 27, at Justice of the Peace William Stenart, Unity, Clark County, Wisconsin

28 December 1900, age 8 - Half-sister Emma Marie Friederike Dorothea AUGUSTIN, age 21, married Charles F "Charlie" MARQUARDT, age 23, at St Pauls Lutheran Church, Colby, Clark County, Wisconsin
Fredericke Thies' Five Children

25 November 1903, age 10 - Half-sister Ida Friederike Marie Johanne AUGUSTIN, age 21, married Theodore Friedrick LUELOFF, age 29, at St Pauls Lutheran Church, Colby Twp
Frederick Miller Jr's Confirmation

3 December 1908, age 15 - Sister Bertha Maria Carolina MILLER, age 17, married Harry Clifton JENS, age 23, at Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin

15 April 1910, age 17 - Recorded in the Federal census at Green Grove, Clark County, Wisconsin

27 December 1913, age 21 - Half-sister's husband Theodore Friedrick LUELOFF, age 39, died

16 April 1921, age 28 - Grandmother's husband Joachim Friedrich MüLLER, age 79, died at Clark County, Wisconsin

15 August 1922, age 29 - Half-sister Friederike Johanne Sophia Christine "Ricka" AUGUSTIN, age 45, divorced from Arthur Gilman "Art" NEUMAN, age 49, at Neillsville, Clark County, Wisconsin

16 March 1925, age 32 - Grandmother Johanna Maria Sophia "Sophia" PöLKOW Müller, age 83, died at Clark County
Fritz Joachim Johann Mueller Fred & Frederika Miller Family

21 September 1927, age 34 - Mother Friederike Charlotte Johanna "Rica" THIESS Augustin Miller, age 75, died at Curtis of acute dilation of the heart

20 December 1929, age 37 - Father Frederick Joachim Christian "Fred" MILLER, age 65, died at Marshfield Hospital, Marshfield, Wood County, Wisconsin

12 December 1939, age 46 - Half-sister Friederike Johanne Sophia Christine "Ricka" AUGUSTIN Neuman, age 62, died at Memorial hospital, Wausau, Marathon County, Wisconsin of pneumonia

21 October 1945, age 52 - Half-sister's widower Arthur Gilman "Art" NEUMAN, age 72, died at Marshfield of dropsy and heart trouble

18 December 1950, age 58 - Brother-in-law Harry Clifton JENS, age 65, died at Withee, Clark County, Wisconsin of heart attack

16 July 1952, age 59 - Wife Nora B HARDING Mueller, age 52, died

14 August 1952, age 59 - Half-sister's husband Charles F "Charlie" MARQUARDT, age 75, died at Glendale, Los Angeles County, California

7 November 1963, age 70 - Half-sister Emma Marie Friederike Dorothea AUGUSTIN Marquardt, age 84, died at Los Angeles County, California
Fred J Miller Jr Grave Marker

10 January 1968, age 75 - Died

Buried at St Paul Lutheran Church Cemetery, Cty Hwy E, Colby Twp