Maria Elisabeth Dorothea AUGUSTIN, 1787-1787
Friederike's great-great-aunt

 Father Jochen AUGUSTIN, 1768-1804
 Mother Maria Elisabeth PINGEL Augustin Lembke, 1764-1805
       Maria Elisabeth Dorothea AUGUSTIN, 1787-1787
       Sister Maria Elisabeth Dorothea "Elisabeth" AUGUSTIN Dunst, 1788-1843
       Brother Johann Joachim AUGUSTIN, 1791-ca 1792
       Brother Johann Jochim "Jochim" AUGUSTIN, 1793-1862

Time Line

12 November 1787 - Born at Raduhn, Kreis Parchim, Mecklenburg-Schwerin

14 November 1787 - Baptized there. Godparents were Heinrich PINGEL, Hauswirth (the father's cousin's husband), Christina Maria MöLLER Augustin, Hauswirth's wife (the father's step-father's daughter) and the daughter of Hauswirth Jacob Wilck

9 December 1787 - Died there

16 December 1787 - Buried there