Bauer (farmer) in Raduhn
Friederike's great-great-grandmother's second husband

 Wife Maria Elisabeth PINGEL Augustin Lembke, 1764-1805

Time Line

Resided at Raduhn, Kreis Parchim, Mecklenburg-Schwerin

1805 - Married Maria Elisabeth PINGEL, age 40, there

9 December 1805 - Wife Maria Elisabeth PINGEL Augustin Lembke, age 41, died there of child birth

22 November 1811 - Stepdaughter Maria Elisabeth Dorothea "Elisabeth" AUGUSTIN, age 23, married Johann Joachim Christian DUNST, age 21, there ; Stepson Johann Jochim "Jochim" AUGUSTIN, age 18, married Catharina Maria Dorothea "Maria" DUNZ, age 25, there

5 June 1843 - Stepdaughter Maria Elisabeth Dorothea "Elisabeth" AUGUSTIN Dunst, age 54, died there of Wassersucht (dropsy, edema)

25 January 1847 - Stepson's wife Catharina Maria Dorothea "Maria" DUNZ Augustin, age 61, died there of Nervenfieber (nervous fever, typhus)