Jochim "Chim" HARBRECHT, -ca 1634
Haußmann (farmer) in Damerow
Friederike's seventh great-grandfather

 Wife Anna GäVERSHAGEN Harbrecht Niebuhr, 1596-1693
      The couple had six children, including:
       Son Jochim HARBRECHT, 1632-1692

Time Line

Born at Damerow, Kreis Parchim, Mecklenburg-Schwerin. His father was either Hans Harbrecht or perhaps Peter Harbrecht, both farmers in Damerow in the prior generation.

About 1617 - Married Anna GäVERSHAGEN, age 21. The couple had six children. Of their four sons and two daughters, all died in childhood during the 30-years war of starvation and disease except for their son Jochim.

As of sometime before 1621 - Resided at Damerow. Tax lists from the the 1620s list him as paying taxes on two farmsteads in Damerow.

1632 - Son Jochim HARBRECHT born there

About 1634 - Died of plague