Hanna Sophia Dorothea HOPP, 1824-
Friederike's first cousin twice removed

 Father Heinrich Christoph HOPP, 1780-1843
 Mother Sophia Dorothea DUNZ Hopp, 1788-1842
       Brother Hans Jochim Heinrich HOPP, 1807-
       Brother Johann Jochim "Jochim" HOPP, 1810-1849
       Brother Johann Christian HOPP, 1812-
       Brother Hans Jochim Wilhelm HOPP, 1815-
       Brother Johann Christian Heinrich "Heinrich" HOPP, 1818-
       Brother Jochim Friedrich Heinrich "Friedrich" HOPP, 1821-
       Hanna Sophia Dorothea HOPP, 1824-
       Sister Dorothea Elsiabeth HOPP, 1828-1893

Time Line

1 March 1824 - Born at Raduhn, Kreis Parchim, Mecklenburg-Schwerin

2 March 1824 - Baptized there. Godparents were Johann Jochim "Jochim" AUGUSTIN, Hauswirth (the mother's brother-in-law), Hanna Dorothea Hopp and a Einlieger's wife

30 May 1825, age 1 - Grandfather Johann Jochim DUNZ, age 66, died there of Pleuresie (pleurisy)

20 April 1828, age 4 - Sister Dorothea Elsiabeth HOPP born there