Maria MULSOW Hopp
Wife of a Hauswirth (landlord)
Friederike's first cousin twice removed's wife

 Husband Johann Jochim "Jochim" HOPP, 1810-1849

Time Line

30 October 1835 - Married Johann Jochim "Jochim" HOPP, age 25, at Raduhn, Kreis Parchim, Mecklenburg-Schwerin

18 November 1842 - Mother-in-law Sophia Dorothea DUNZ Hopp, age 54, died there of Schlagfluß (apoplexy, stroke)

19 March 1843 - Father-in-law Heinrich Christoph HOPP, age 62, died there of Schwindsucht (consumption)

14 October 1849 - Husband Johann Jochim "Jochim" HOPP, age 39, died of falling into the mill stream while walking home at night from Crivitz to Raduhn