Wilhelmine Friedericke Maria "Minna" MARKS, 1876-1893
Friederike's uncle's father-in-law's daughter

 Father Joachim Heinrich Christian MARKS, 1832-1914
 Mother Maria Sophia Dorothea HASE Marks, 1847-1926
       Wilhelmine Friedericke Maria "Minna" MARKS, 1876-1893

Time Line

4 January 1876 - Born at Domsühl, Kreis Parchim, Mecklenburg-Schwerin

9 January 1876 - Baptized

2 June 1884, age 8 - Half-sister Sophia Johanna Maria MARKS, age 24, married Johann Friedrich Christian "John" AUGUSTIN, age 31, at Zion United Church of Christ, 1124 North 6th Street, Sheboygan, Sheboygan County, Wisconsin

As of sometime before 1885 - Resided at Schlieven, Kreis Parchim, Mecklenburg-Schwerin

About October 1885, age 9 - Emigrated in Hamburg. The family traveled on the ship 'Moravia'

12 November 1885, age 9 - Immigrated at New York, New York

1889, age 12 - Confirmed at St Paul Lutheran, Colby Twp, Clark County, Wisconsin

1 September 1889, age 13 - Godparent when Sophia Minna Fredericke AUGUSTIN Burkhardt (her half-sister's daughter) baptized at St Pauls Lutheran Church there

19 June 1892, age 16 - Godparent when Albert Wilhelm Frederick AUGUSTIN (her half-sister's son) baptized at St Pauls Lutheran Church there
Wilhelmine Friedericke Maria Marks Grave Marker

14 September 1893, age 17 - Died at Green Grove, Clark County, Wisconsin of pneumonia. She died in the night at her parent's home.

16 September 1893 - Buried at St Paul Lutheran Church Cemetery, Cty Hwy E, Colby Twp