Ida Sophia Fredericka AUGUSTIN, 1887-1890
Friederike's cousin

 Father Johann Friedrich Christian "John" AUGUSTIN, 1853-1918
 Mother Sophia Johanna Maria MARKS Augustin, 1859-1941
       Brother John William Fredrick AUGUSTIN, 1885-1963
       Ida Sophia Fredericka AUGUSTIN, 1887-1890
       Sister Sophia Minna Fredericke AUGUSTIN Burkhardt, 1889-1969
       Brother Frederick Johann Gustav "Fred" AUGUSTIN, 1891-1963
       Brother Albert Wilhelm Frederick AUGUSTIN, 1892-1963
       Brother Ernst Johann Joachim "Joe" AUGUSTIN, 1895-1982

Time Line

18 May 1887 - Born at Atwood, Clark County, Wisconsin

26 June 1887 - Baptized at St Pauls Lutheran Church, Colby Twp, Clark County, Wisconsin. Godparents were Friederike Charlotte Johanna "Rica" THIESS Augustin Miller (the father's sister-in-law), Sophie Mueller and Joachim Heinrich Christian MARKS (the mother's father)

13 July 1887 - Half-brother William Carl Martin MARCKS, age 5, died

11 July 1889, age 2 - Sister Sophia Minna Fredericke AUGUSTIN Burkhardt born at Atwood

27 March 1890, age 2 - Died of pneumonia

30 March 1890 - Buried at St Paul Lutheran Church Cemetery, Colby Twp