Hinrich SCHWANCK, 1605-1675
Hauswirth & Kirchen Jurate (landlord & church councilman)
Friederike's sixth great-grandfather

 Father Hinrich SCHWANK
 Mother Margarethe Schwank
       Hinrich SCHWANCK, 1605-1675

 Wife Anna BORCHARDTS Schwanck, ca 1610-ca 1633
      The couple had two children

 Wife Engel BRANDT Pingel Schwanck, 1605-1695
      The couple had four children, including:
       Son Hinrich SCHWANCK, 1635-
       Son Hans SCHWANCK, ca 1640-1722

Time Line

1605 - Born at Schimm, Kreis Wismar, Mecklenburg-Schwerin

About 1629, age 23 - Married Anna BORCHARDTS, age 19. The couple had two children. Both children died about 1633 during the starvation, plague and other desease that struck during the 30-years war.

About 1633, age 27 - Wife Anna BORCHARDTS Schwanck, age 23, died

About 1634, age 28 - Married Engel BRANDT, age 29, at Raduhn, Kreis Parchim, Mecklenburg-Schwerin. The couple had four children. This included three sons and one daughter. Only the sons Hinrich and Hans were still alive in 1675.

1635, age 29 - Son Hinrich SCHWANCK born there

About 1640, age 34 - Son Hans SCHWANCK born there

As of sometime before 1645 - Occupation listed as Hauswirth at Hof #2 there

1645, age 39 - Recorded in the Property inventory census there. He had two oxen, a cow, and two pigs. By royal decree the widow Grabow served as their maid.

1655, age 49 - Recorded in the property tax list census there

About 1666, age 60 - Granddaughter Catharina "Trine" SCHWANCK Augustin born there

Sometime before 1672 - Son Hinrich SCHWANCK married Maria PINGEL

27 September 1675, age 70 - Granddaughter Anna SCHWANCK Freyhals born at Raduhn

25 November 1675, age 70 - Died there