Chim WILCKE, 1603-1673
Bauer (farmer) in Raduhn
Friederike's sixth great-grandfather

 Father Peter WILCKE, -ca 1622
 Mother Margaret BORCHARDT Wilcke
       Chim WILCKE, 1603-1673

 Wife Anna HERMANS Freude Wilcke, 1611-1694
       Son Peter WILCK, -1720
       Son Jochim WILCK
       Son Jacob WILKE
       Daughter Catherina WILCK

Time Line

1603 - Born at Raduhn, Kreis Parchim, Mecklenburg-Schwerin

About 1622, age 18 - Father Peter WILCKE died there

1637, age 33 - Married Anna HERMANS, age 26

About 1640, age 36 - Father-in-law Herman HERMANS died at Raduhn

1645, age 41 - Recorded in the Property inventory census there. His residence consisted of 5 bays, with an old, thin thatched roof. His barn was quite solid. He had sowed 12 bushels of rye. The livestock included 2 oxen, a cow, and 3 pigs for salt pork. He employed one hired hand.

1672, age 68 - Son Peter WILCK married Catharina AUGUSTIN, age 22, there

1673, age 69 - Granddaughter Anna WILCK born at Hof #18 there

25 July 1673, age 70 - Died there of Wassersucht (dropsy, edema) His last word were recorded as "Zum Letzten befehl ich mich, Vater, in Deine Hand, Deinen heiligen Geist zu mir send."