Johann Jochim Christian LEMBKE, 1845-1911
Büdner in Raduhn
Friederike's first cousin once removed

 Father Hans Jochim "Jochim" LEMBKE
 Mother Maria Dorothea AUGUSTIN Lembke, 1816-
       Sister Maria Dorothea LEMBKE, 1837-
       Sister Sophia Hanna Dorothea LEMBKE, 1840-
       Sister Dorothea Maria Hanna LEMBKE, 1842-
       Johann Jochim Christian LEMBKE, 1845-1911

Time Line

29 June 1845 - Born at Raduhn, Kreis Parchim, Mecklenburg-Schwerin at 7:00 AM

2 July 1845 - Baptized. Godparents were Mrs William Borchert, Einliegerfrau from Raduhn, Christian PINGEL, Büdner from Raduhn (the mother's sister-in-law's father) and Hans Joachim "Joachim" AUGUSTIN, Knecht from Raduhn (the mother's brother)

29 January 1860, age 14 - Grandmother Maria Elisabeth Dorothea "Dorothea" PINGEL Augustin, age 61, died at Raduhn of Lungenlähmung

26 May 1873, age 27 - Grandfather Hans Heinrich AUGUSTIN, age 81, died there of Altersschwaeche (debility of old age)

8 November 1911, age 66 - Died there of Blutkrebs (blood cancer)

11 November 1911 - Buried there