Joachim Hans Christian Wilk
Joachim Hans Christian "Joe" WILK, 1859-1931
Friederike's first cousin once removed's husband

 Wife Emma STECKER Wilk, 1866-1956

Time Line

2 September 1859 - Born at Raduhn, Kreis Parchim, Mecklenburg-Schwerin. He was the son of Johann Joachim Friedrich Wilk, an Einlieger in Raduhn, and Maria Sophie Dorothea Pingel.
Raduhn Church

4 September 1859 - Baptized there. Godparents were Joachim Harbrecht, Hauswirth from Raduhn, Hans Wilk, Knecht from Raduhn, Elise Borchert (Mrs Harbrecht), Hauswirth's wife from Raduhn and Sophia Pagel, girl from Raduhn
Hof 14 in Raduhn

As of sometime before December 1867 - Resided at Hof #14 there. He, with his parents, siblings, and grandmother were living in space in the Augustin family's farmhouse that was granted to the grandmother as her retirement home.

3 December 1867, age 8 - Recorded in the Mecklenburg-Schwerin census there
S. S. Silesia

29 April 1883, age 23 - Emigrated at Hamburg, Germany. He traveled on the S. S. Silesia with fellow Raduhn resident Johann Augustin and Hans Heydemann from nearby Rusch.

14 May 1883, age 23 - Immigrated at New York, New York
Joachim Hans Christian Wilk Joachim Wilck - Emma Stecker Wedding

23 June 1889, age 29 - Married Emma STECKER, age 22, at Sheboygan County, Wisconsin

28 February 1895, age 35 - Father-in-law Johann Friedrich Heinrich Carl "Carl" STECKER, age 72, died there

5 June 1900, age 40 - Recorded in the Federal census at Sheboygan Twp, Sheboygan County, Wisconsin
Joe Wilck on Milk Route

As of sometime before June 1906 - Resided at Farmville, Prince Edward County, Virginia. As of 1910 the family lived on Prospect Road there.

4 May 1910, age 50 - Recorded in the United States Census there

16 April 1917, age 57 - Mother-in-law Maria Sophia Dorothea "Sophia" AUGUSTIN Stecker, age 81, died at Randolph, Cumberland County, Virginia of pneumonia and advanced age
Wilck Family
Joe Wilck Grave

14 March 1931, age 71 - Died at Farmville

Buried at Westview Cemetery there