Christina Sophia PINGEL, 1744-
Friederike's fourth great-aunt

 Father Johann Christian PINGEL, 1713-1787
 Mother Anne Sophie RAUSCH Pingel, ca 1720-1757
       Sister Anna Maria PINGEL, 1741-
       Christina Sophia PINGEL, 1744-
       Sister Sophia Regina "Regina" PINGEL Pingel Krull, 1747-1796
       Sister Elisabeth Dorothea PINGEL, 1749-1799
       Brother Johann Christian PINGEL, 1752-1752
       Brother Johann Christian Hinrick PINGEL, 1753-1761
       Sister Sophia Magdalena PINGEL, 1756-1761

Time Line

26 February 1744 - Born at Damerow, Kreis Parchim, Mecklenburg-Schwerin

Resided at Hof #1 there
Church at Alt Damerow

28 February 1744 - Baptized there. Godparents were Christina von der Maphen (Mrs Jürgen Wallenburg), the Schulte's wife from Domsühl and Jochim BRANDT from Raduhn (the father's grandson's mother-in-law's father)

19 May 1746, age 2 - Grandfather Jochim PINGEL, age 60, died there

3 March 1747, age 3 - Sister Sophia Regina "Regina" PINGEL Pingel Krull born there