Maria PINGEL, 1687-1687
Friederike's first cousin six times removed

 Father Claus PINGEL, 1655-1700
 Mother Elisabeth "Liese" RüZE Pingel Marquardt
       Maria PINGEL, 1687-1687
       Brother Cheel PINGEL, 1690-1754
       Brother Claus PINGEL, 1692-1721
       Brother Hans PINGEL, 1696-
       Brother Daniel PINGEL, 1700-

Time Line

2 September 1687 - Born at Damerow, Kreis Parchim, Mecklenburg-Schwerin
Church at Alt Damerow

5 September 1687 - Baptized there. Godparents were Peter STECKER (the father's niece's husband's father-in-law's mother's half-brother), Casten WELZIN (the father's niece's father-in-law) and the Schulte's wife from Zieslübbe

19 October 1687 - Died there