Dorothea LüDERS Pingel, 1651-
Wife of a Schultz (village chief) in Zieslübbe
Friederike's sixth great-uncle's wife

 Husband Hans PINGEL, ca 1638-
      The couple had ten children

Time Line

About 19 February 1651 - Born at Zieslübbe, Kreis Parchim, Mecklenburg-Schwerin. She was the daughter of Hans Lüders.
Zieslübbe Church

21 February 1651 - Baptized there

30 October 1671, age 20 - Married Hans PINGEL, age 33, there. The couple had ten children.

Between 1680 and 1702 - Mother-in-law Maria MARQUARDT Pingel died

Sometime before 1702 - Husband Hans PINGEL died at Zieslübbe

11 December 1702, age 51 - Father-in-law Cheel PINGEL, age 94, died at Damerow, Kreis Parchim, Mecklenburg-Schwerin

5 June 1704, age 53 - Recorded in the Beichtkinderverzeichnisse census at Zieslübbe. She was listed as being a widow with two sons, a daughter, and a daughter-in-law at home.