Maria Elisabeth PINGEL, 1747-
Friederike's fourth great-aunt

 Father Hans Joachim PINGEL, 1714-
 Mother Catharina Elisabeth PINGEL Pingel, 1717-
       Brother Hans Daniel PINGEL, 1741-1776
       Sister Grete Dorthie PINGEL, 1744-1750
       Maria Elisabeth PINGEL, 1747-
       Brother Johann Daniel PINGEL, 1752-
       Sister Engel Dorothea PINGEL Schröder, 1752-
       Brother Jochim Christian PINGEL, 1754-1768

Time Line

26 February 1747 - Born at Damerow, Kreis Parchim, Mecklenburg-Schwerin

1 March 1747 - Baptized. Godparents were Anna Elisabeth "Liese" ROHDE Pingel, alt Schultzfrau (the father's daughter-in-law's grandmother), Liese Rhode (Mrs Daniel Harbrecht) and Hans Harbrecht from Crivitz

25 November 1750, age 3 - Sister Grete Dorthie PINGEL, age 6, died at Damerow of Blattern (measles, pox)