Hans AUGUSTIN, -ca 1610
Hauswirth (landlord) in Raduhn
Friederike's eighth great-grandfather

 Wife Catherine WEDIGE Augustin
       Son Claus AUGUSTIN

Time Line

Sometime before about 1555 - Born at Raduhn, Kreis Parchim, Mecklenburg-Schwerin

1580 - Occupation listed as Bauer

Sometime before 1581 - Mother-in-law died at Raduhn

8 January 1581 - Court case there. Hans had received 1/2 of a farm in his mother-in-law's will with the stipulation he make certain payments to his wife's siblings. When those were not forthcoming, his in-laws sued and, after a hearing held at the house of the defendant, received a judgment from Royal Notary Jacob Sasse.

Sometime before 1585 - Son Claus AUGUSTIN born there

3 November 1589 - Paid farm tax there

As of 1590 until 1609 - Recorded in the Hopfengärtenpacht census there

About 1610 - Died there