Kreis Parchim, Mecklenburg-Schwerin
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DŁtschow Street Scene Dunz Family Home in DŁtschow DŁtschow Church
DŁtschow Church Interior DŁtschow Church Interior Date Carved into Post in DŁtschow Church - 6 DEC 1742

Map of DŁtschow
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Map dates from 1881, updated 1904/1924. It covers an area of approximately 1.6 by 1.1 km (1.0 by 0.7 US miles).

Map image was adapted from 1:25K Prussian Landsaufnahme, page 2536

Related Families in DŁtschow

The following table shows which of the individuals included in this web site are connected to DŁtschow and over what time span they are found here.

SurnameGiven names and the range of dates the person was found in DŁtschow
 Duns(t) / Dun(t)z  Anna Maria 1729; Catharina 1726; David 1714; David 1686..1748; David 1651..1704; Dorothea 1712..1721; Ilse Dortie 1732; Jochen 1714; Jochen 1736; Jochim 1651; Johann 1719..1784; Maria Ilse 1724; Simon David 1722; Sophia 1716
 Hect / Hekt  Anna 1677; Christoph 1684..1704; Franz 1681..1704; Jochim 1674; Jochim 1674..1684
 Ramelow  Anna 1651
 Sivel  Margret 1674..1704
 Winterfeld(t)  Margaretha 1712..1751